Sharp Color Graphene Monitors
Urine FTIR Spectroscopy
Sharp Color Graphene Monitors


Nuclear Science  Institute


More than 2 billion monitors/televisions are bought on earth every year. That means we invest trillions of dollars in imaging technology every year. So, one small step in these technologies means controlling a trillion dollar industry. In recent years, tech giants have been investing in graphene imaging systems because of its usefulness. This technology provides great usability, especially in smart phones.

The work of our institute members takes this imaging technology one step further: graphene monitors can now be in sharper colors. Study [1] has shown that graphene monitors that emit light in a wide bandwidth (consisting of many colors) can produce sharper colors.

[1] Mehmet Günay, Vasilios Karanikolas, Ramazan Şahin, Rasim Volga Ovalı, Alpan Bek, Mehmet Emre Taşgın, Quantum emitter interacting with graphene coating in the strong-coupling regime, Phys. Rev. B 101, 165412 (2020).  arXiv:1906.04434